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3 trillion - potential annual value from open data

Open data: Unlocking innovation and performance with liquid information

October 2013—Open data—public information and shared data from private sources—can help create $3 trillion a year of value in seven areas of the global economy.more

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Can long-term global growth be saved?

January 2015—Without action, global economic growth will almost halve in the next 50 years. A new McKinsey Global Institute report offers a solution: a dramatic improvement in productivity.more

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India’s tech opportunity: Transforming work, empowering people

December 2014—A dozen disruptive technologies can add up to $1 trillion in GDP by 2025 and help bring millions of Indians up the MGI Empowerment Line.more

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Connectivity for all

January 23, 2015—Over the last decade, the number of new Internet users tripled. But, though a large majority of the world’s population remains offline, the pace of expansion has slowed sharply in recent years. Is the Internet revolution losing steam?more

article | McKinsey Quarterly

China’s rising Internet wave: Wired companies

January 2015—After a massive rise in Internet use by consumers, adoption by Chinese companies is catching up with that of the developed world.more


China’s digital transformation

July 2014—New applications of the Internet could account for up to 22 percent of China’s GDP growth through 2025. more


Lions go digital: The Internet’s transformative potential in Africa

November 2013—A majority of urban Africans own Internet-capable devices and go online regularly. If infrastructure investment continues, the Internet will take hold on a much larger scale in the coming decade—potentially adding $300 billion a year to Africa’s GDP.more


Game changers: Five opportunities for US growth and renewal

July 2013—Five catalysts can reignite the US economy—opportunities in energy, trade, technology, infrastructure, and talent development can add hundreds of billions of dollars to annual GDP and create millions of new jobs by 2020.more

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article | McKinsey Quarterly

Measuring the full impact of digital capital

July 2013—Although largely uncounted, intangible digital assets may hold an important key to understanding competition and growth in the Internet era.more

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Ten IT-enabled business trends for the decade ahead

May 2013—As technological change accelerates and adoption rates soar, ten pivotal trends loom large on the top-management agenda.more


China’s e-tail revolution

March 2013—The rapid path from retailing to e-tailing is encouraging consumption and reshaping the industry. more


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The future of work

Michael Chui and James Manyika moderate a discussion on how increasing automation could affect jobs and employment.

video | YouTubeJames Manyika and Thomas Friedman

The next disruptions

James Manyika talks about global economic and technology trends in high tech, media and telecom.

video | YouTubeSocial Technologies Unlocked at Churchill Club - Michael Chui

Social technologies: Unlocked

Michael Chui moderates an expert panel on social media's impact on the economy, the enterprise, and consumers.

videoJames Manyika at e-G8 Forum

Sizing the Internet economy

James Manyika and Matthieu Pélissié du Rausas discuss how the Internet impacts economic growth, job creation, and prosperity at the e-G8 Forum.more

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21 percent share of GDP

Share of GDP growth that can be attributed to the Internet in mature economies in the past five years more

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