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McKinsey & Company is a management consulting firm that helps leading organisations across the globe to improve their performance. We provide world-class experience tailored to local needs and work with private companies and public sector bodies to tackle challenges in strategy, operations, organisation and technology.

Our Dublin office was founded in 1994. We serve clients in areas ranging from the public sector and health care to financial services and banking. Like every other McKinsey office, we are able to draw on the expertise of thousands of consultants and knowledge specialists throughout the world.

Our consultants in Ireland advise large and medium-size Irish corporations, government bodies and non-profit organisations on their toughest challenges, and in this way help to sustain the Irish economy.


    Our people

    Vivian Hunt

    Vivian Hunt

    Senior Partner

    Advises the top managers of leading pharmaceutical companies on a broad range of strategic, development and organisational issues

    Sorcha McKenna

    Sorcha McKenna


    Helps deliver organizational transformation in health care, with a special focus on designing and implementing integrated care strategies


    Working at McKinsey Ireland

    Our Dublin office hires people from a range of different backgrounds, from recent graduates to experienced professionals. We hold recruitment events at Ireland’s leading universities where students can meet our consultants and get to know us and our work.

    Many of our alumni go on to work in leadership positions for some of Ireland’s most dynamic companies.more

    Latest thinking

    report | McKinsey Global Institute

    Digital globalization: The new era of global flows

    February 2016—Ireland is the 5th most connected country in the world in terms of global flows of goods, services, people, capital and data—an enviable track record. Building on the 2014 McKinsey Global Institute report in which Ireland was ranked 14th most connected country in the world, this new report looks at how the world has entered a fundamentally new era of digital globalization.more

    Is Ireland’s population ready for retirement?

    Is Ireland's population ready for retirement?

    October 2015—This new research-based report assesses the current situation of the Irish pension system; the retirement readiness of Irish households, and how many will require an adjustment to their standard of living when entering retirement. It also examines the system's sustainability; how far it can maintain current benefit levels in the future despite demographic or other pressures.

    report | McKinsey Global Institute

    Global growth: Can productivity save the day in an aging world?

    January 2015—Over the past 50 years, global economic growth was exceptionally rapid, and the world economy expanded sixfold. Yet unless we can dramatically improve productivity, the next half century will look very different. A new report from the McKinsey Global Institute offers a solution: a dramatic improvement in productivity. more

    McKinsey on Defense: Issue 9, Winter 2014

    McKinsey on Defence

    January 2015—The new issue of McKinsey on Government is a special issue on Defence. Contents include an analysis of the shifting centre of gravity in global defence spending over the last 100 years; and research on why international sales may not meet defence contractors’ expectations—and how to improve their chances. more

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