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Government designed for new times:
A global conversation

At a time when governments must do more with less, how can they provide the prosperity, health, and security their citizens demand? The new McKinsey Center for Government convenes a global conversation among leading thinkers to share ideas and strategies setting a new direction for public management in a new era.

Featured authors

  • Daron Acemoglu

    The servant state

    Daron Acemoglu

    The strongest governments will be those that serve the people rather than a political elite—but guarding against the potential to backslide requires constant vigilance.more

  • Tony Blair

    Leading transformation in the 21st century

    Tony Blair

    Among the lessons Tony Blair learned while in office: think big, apply rigorous analysis, and don’t be afraid to learn from the successes and failures of others.more

  • Diana Farrell

    Government designed for new times

    Diana Farrell

    In a fraught world, policy makers cannot allow partisan divides to impede crucial reforms. By drawing on successful strategies employed elsewhere, governments can—and must—do better.more

  • Peter Ho

    Competing with complexity

    Peter Ho

    Crises are erupting around the globe with increasing frequency. Countries should use an adaptive, whole-of-government approach to cope with these problems.more

  • Göran Persson

    How to tame a budget crisis

    Göran Persson

    Almost 20 years ago, Sweden faced an economic crisis not unlike the one in Europe today. Here’s how the government enacted the difficult reforms that returned it to prosperity.more

  • Nandan Nilekani

    For every citizen, an identity

    Nandan Nilekani

    Nandan Nilekani leads an effort to provide a digital ID to all Indian citizens so they can establish a legal identity, participate in the economy, and receive services—200 million have signed on.more

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McKinsey Center for Government

The convener of this series, the McKinsey Center for Government is a new global hub for research, collaboration, and innovation in government performance.more