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Technology is transforming all industries. This series examines digitization and how companies should react.

Strategic choices for banks in the digital age

Strategic choices for banks in the digital age

January 2015—Consumers around the world are quickly adopting digital banking. Incumbents only have a short period to adjust to this new reality or risk becoming obsolete.more

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Big data

Digital banking

  • articlebig data

    The rise of the digital bank

    July 2014—As European consumers move online, retail banks will have to follow. The problem is that most banks aren’t ready. more

  • articleasia's digital banking boom

    How to prepare for Asia’s digital-banking boom

    August 2014—A generation of digital-banking customers is rising across Asia. They will want full digital access to the latest offerings and a more personalized set of products and services. more

  • articlefuture of us retail distribution

    The future of US retail-banking distribution

    August 2014—The more that customers use digital-banking channels, the more they actually use branches and call centers. This shifting behavior presents a threat—and a rare opportunity. more

Digital customers

  • articleart

    Digitizing the consumer decision journey

    June 2014—In a world where physical and virtual environments are rapidly converging, companies need to meet customer needs anytime, anywhere. Here’s how.more

  • interview7 habits of highly effective digital enterprises

    Mastering digital marketing

    June 2014—The era of the traditional marketing campaign is ending. In this interview, McKinsey’s David Edelman explains what companies get wrong when it comes to digital marketing and the changes needed to better engage consumers.more

  • commentaryGail Horwood

    Developing a global digital strategy

    October 2014—How does a global company take advantage of digital technology? Johnson & Johnson’s vice president of digital strategy, Gail Horwood, explains.more

Information technology

  • articleart

    More bank for your IT buck

    June 2014—Asia-Pacific’s mature- and emerging-market banks differ in many ways, but most have one thing in common: they urgently need to improve their IT operating models.more

  • article7 habits of highly effective digital enterprises

    Reinventing IT to support digitization

    May 2014—Tinkering and short-term fixes aren’t enough. Traditional companies seeking strong digital performance must thoroughly transform their IT functions.more

  • articleart

    Managing the demand for IT infrastructure

    April 2014—Infrastructure functions can reduce costs and improve service delivery through better demand management.more

Online business

  • article

    The digital battle that banks must win

    August 2014—The average consumer’s banking relationship is dominated by making payments. So why are banks doing so little to defend this critical beachhead?more

  • article7 habits of highly effective digital enterprises

    PayPal’s vision for a global marketplace

    August 2014—The company's vice president and general manager for Continental Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, Laurent Le Moal, discusses the evolution of consumer shopping behavior and how PayPal seeks to continuously innovate.more

  • article

    How digital is transforming retail: The view from eBay

    July 2014—Does mobile commerce spell the end of traditional stores? In this series of short videos, Devin Wenig, the president of eBay Marketplaces, explains the impact of digitization and why retailers must evolve to survive.more

Understanding digitization

  • articlestrategic principles for the digital age

    Strategic principles for competing in the digital age

    May 2014—Digitization is rewriting the rules of competition, with incumbent companies most at risk of being left behind. Here are six critical decisions CEOs must make to address the strategic challenge posed by the digital revolution.more

  • article7 habits of highly effective digital enterprises

    The seven traits of effective digital enterprises

    May 2014—To stay competitive, companies must stop experimenting with digital and commit to transforming themselves into full digital businesses. Here are seven habits that successful digital enterprises share.more

  • interviewdigital strategy

    Digital strategy

    May 2014—Digitization is fundamentally altering the nature of competition. McKinsey’s Paul Willmott explains how digital winners think and what companies can do to compete.more