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Based in Shanghai for more than 15 years, Jonathan has been instrumental in establishing and scaling McKinsey's presence in China. He works with Chinese businesses to develop strategies, organizations, and operations for global growth, and with city, regional, and national authorities on energy, sustainability, and economic development.

Jonathan has deep experience in corporate strategy, operations, and organization, serving clients in industries including energy, basic materials, healthcare, telecommunications, and transportation. He supported the largest company in China in a fundamental restructuring that led to the then-largest foreign listing on the New York Stock Exchange.

In the public sector, Jonathan has advised the State Economic Commission of China on improving the environment for foreign investors, supported the development and drafting of the energy policy of the Republic of China, and advised national and local government authorities on economic development. He has conducted more than 60 projects for local governments throughout China to support local economic development and transformation.

Jonathan actively participates in a number of international fora, particularly in the area of US-China relations, including the US-China Clean Energy Forum, the Joint US-China Coalition for Clean Energy, and the Aspen Strategy Group. He co-chairs the Urban China Initiative, a joint initiative between McKinsey, Columbia University, and Tsinghua University to develop and implement solutions to China’s urbanization challenge. He lectures at the Guanghua School of Business and the China-Europe International Business School, and is also an honorary lecturer at Jiaotong University’s Antai Business School.

Published widely in both Chinese and international publications, Jonathan has written three books on China, including Capitalist China: Strategies for a Revolutionized Economy (Wiley & Sons, 2003). He also co-authored with Jimmy Hexter the book, Operation China: From Strategy to Execution (Harvard Business Press, 2007).

A U.S. citizen, Jonathan is proficient in Mandarin, Spanish, and German.


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