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We work with clients to sharpen the commercial offer through value-based pricing and promotions, the right assortment, and superior supplier management.

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Pricing and promotions determine whether customers believe a retailer provides good value for money. Based on the assortment they find in stores, shoppers form opinions on whether they have sufficient and relevant choices. And partnerships with suppliers of branded goods as well as private-label products have a direct impact on a retailer’s growth and bottom line.

Over the course of some 400 client engagements since 2007, we have applied and refined our merchandizing expertise across a wide array of retail sectors and product categories, including:

  • Food
    We help food retailers identify and implement best-practice approaches in all relevant areas of the commercial offer, including category strategy, pricing, promotions, and supplier partnerships.
  • Non food
    We have developed proven, sector-specific merchandizing approaches in consumer electronics, DIY, and apparel.
  • Fresh
    Short product shelf life makes fresh-food retailing a particularly challenging category. We help clients boost performance, supporting commercial and operational improvements across the fresh-food value chain.

Many of our merchandizing projects draw upon the Commercial Strategic Intelligence Tool, developed to manage investment trade-off decisions across all commercial and marketing levers.