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We serve leading international and national oil companies, oilfield-services and equipment providers, and private-equity investors across the entire oil and gas value chain. Our global team of consultants and experts helps our clients develop strategies to manage risk, optimize their organizations, and improve performance. We build capabilities to deliver lasting improvement.

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In addition to the above areas of expertise, we provide targeted support for national oil companies and for providers of oilfield services and equipment. We also help clients with challenges related to managing risk and leveraging technology to improve performance. more

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A new approach to oil-and-gas exploration

January 2015—The executives behind the Cove Energy success story discuss the strategy driving their new venture, Discover Exploration, and offer advice to other exploration-and-production companies.more

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Navigating in deepwater: Greater rewards through narrower focus

January 2015—Even before the fall in oil prices, deepwater project returns were under pressure. To stay in the game, deepwater players should focus on scale in a single basin.more

Organizing to enable the shift from volume to value

Organizing to enable the shift from volume to value

December 2014—Oil and gas companies are facing pressure on returns intensified by the recent sharp fall in oil price. In this article, we explore the organizational implications of shift from volume to value and some concrete actions that oil and gas companies could take against the range of organizational interventions―structure, processes, and people.

Rising up: Unlocking the potential of Africa's oil and gas

Rising up: Unlocking the potential of Africa’s oil and gas

December 2014—Africa offers some of the world’s most exciting hydrocarbon plays and among the greatest opportunities for oil-and-gas operators and investors alike. Despite the recent decline in oil prices, sustaining and restoring production from mature onshore fields has also become a growth opportunity.



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Energy insights

This new unit combines our analytical models, benchmarking capabilities, and proprietary insights for critical decisions on strategy, investment, and performance.

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