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Electric Power & Natural Gas

We serve incumbents and new entrants in this rapidly expanding and liberalized sector. We help clients with issues related to organization, operations, and strategy. Our capabilities include organizational restructuring, building capabilities, and top-team management as well as capital investment, cost reductions, performance improvement, networks, and logistics. We also provide strategic direction on mission, sales, economics, and procurement.


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Rajat Gupta

Rajat Gupta

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bookthe granularity of growth

Resource Revolution: How to capture the biggest business opportunity in a century

Stefan Heck, Matt Rogers, Paul Carroll (Contributor), 2014

Resource Revolution shows how to take what is being seen as a worldwide crisis and turn it into the biggest business opportunity of the past one hundred years.more

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The disruptive potential of solar power

April 2014—As costs fall, the importance of solar power to senior executives is rising.more


Giving US energy efficiency a jolt

December 2013—Changing consumer behavior isn’t easy. Adopting tactics employed by other consumer-facing industries may help utilities convince residential customers to save more energy.more